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Help Us Build a House

Typically it costs $70,000 to build a Habitat home in the Alton area. People can help build homes in many ways.  Whether it’s swinging a hammer, rolling paint or sweeping the floor every little bit helps. But none of this would be possible without a healthy building fund. You can help build a house without even breaking a sweat. Donate to our building fund today. Pick a room and donate to help make this house a reality. We cannot do this without your support. Thank you for helping us build a home for our families.



Help us build a space for our family to share their meals together. The kitchen is often the heart of a home. It is the room where the whole family can gather and share their days. It’s the room where stories are told and lessons are learned.


Help us create a space where our family can start their day off right. Help us fill the tub with bubbles for bath time and spray the mirror with toothpaste when the all the kids crowd around the sink to brush their teeth. Help us create the only space in the house where mom can escape for some peace and quiet.

Master Bedroom

Help us create a private space for mom and dad to unwind. This room will serve as a place for them to retreat and reflect as they raise a fun loving family. This is where they will start and end their day. Help us make this room a safe place for kids to run to when it thunders outside.

Kids’ Room

Help us create a safe and secure space for the kids to sleep and play. Help us build the rooms where the kids will sit down for homework or curl and read a book. These rooms will be filled with laughter and hope.

Family Room

Help us build a room that represents all the great things that make up a family. It is the gathering space to invite friends and family. This is the room where some of our family’s most important memories will be made. This room is the soul of the house.

Front Yard

It’s all about the curb appeal! Help us make our family’s first view of the completed house something they will never forget. A wreath on the door, a welcome mat and their very own mail box will make our family feel at home before they even step foot inside the house. You can help make this happen.

Back Yard

How many of your childhood memories center around the back yard? Help us create those memories for our family. This space will be the home of summer cook outs, fall ball games and winter snowball fights. Let the fun begin.